New video for “Creator and I Notice”. The first single of “Heart Jewel”.

New tour diary for the track “Heart Jewel”. The first single of “Heart Jewel”.
A tour diary from Hangzhou, China, October 2016.

Bonus Track “Divorce Him” from the album Heart Jewel
Recorded live @ Tambourine studios in Malmö, Sweden, June 2015.

New video for “And I’ve Never Seen”. The first single of the “And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That” EP.

The official video is here of “And I’ve Never Seen”, from Marching Band’s new release And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That EP. Featuring the Harlem Hot Shots. These guys can dance!

Filmed by Jacob Lind and Anna Johannesson.
Edited by Jacob Lind and Marcus Rosén.
Color and post production by Marcus Rosén.

Have Patience

The second video from So Much Imagine.

Made by Jacob Lind.
Actor: Benjamin Forsberg.

Die In My Arms

The third video from So Much Imagine.

Filmed by Jacob Lind.
Edited by Jacob Lind.
Color and post production by Marcus Rosén.
Actor: Nils Lyckander.

Here it is! The video for Another Day, the first single of POP CYCLE!
We recorded it ourselves during two weeks in February. It’s the first video any of us have ever made, so we’re pretty proud… Thanks to Samuel, Andreas, Sofie, Frida, Benjamin and Errol who helped us alot!


Watch us play Another Day live on Swedish television.

Here is a PREVIEW of The 11 songs on POP CYCLE!

This video is a preview of the 11 songs on POP CYCLE and shows how the artwork for POP CYCLE was created. You will hear 20 sec. snippets of all the songs on our upcoming album POP CYCLE. Enjoy!


Here’s our first music video ever! It’s Make Up Artist.

Filmed by Johan Holmberg. Edited by CJ Meston.

Here’s our performance on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic.


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