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Better than me (Single, Oct 2023)
Heart Jewel (Oct 2016)
So Much Imagine (Jan 2014)
And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That EP (Jan 2013)
Pop Cycle (May 2010)
Pop Cycle Naked (Nov 2010)
Spark Large (August 2008)
EP 3 (March 2006)
EP 2 (August 2005)
EP 1 (December 2004)
The Pet Series Vol. 5 (June 2006)

Better than me (Single, Oct 2023)

Produced by Marching Band
Artwork by Nike Adawi

Heart Jewel (Oct 2016)

01 Creator (And I Notice)
02 Silver Screen
03 Cocoon
04 Come On Baby
05 Heart Jewel
06 The Days Are Surely Over
07 Good Guy
08 Are You Gonna Sing
09 Sing And Play Guitar
10 How Was The Western
11 Useful Idiot

Produced by Marching Band
Artwork by Daniel Ahlgren.

Since Heart Jewel is only available in physical form in Japan, here are the credits for the album. Erik and Jacob made all the music. For more than half the songs we collaborated with lyricist friends of ours.



So Much Imagine (Jan 2014)

1. Come Back
2. And I’ve Never Seen
3. Have Patience
4. But Not Anymore (Ja Ja)
5. Young and Unafraid
6. RHP
7. You Had Me At Imagine
8. Possible Decline
9. The River Jordan
10. Put Your Foot Down
11. 180
12. Artistic Man, Shaved Hand
13. A Menace to Myself
14. A Single Place
15. Love Need Want
16. You Should Have Cured Her
17. Kananado
18. The Decider
19. Die In My Arms
20. Breaking Is Fun
21. What Is It You Long For?

Produced by Marching Band
Artwork by Samuel Oscarsson.


And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That EP (Jan 2013)

And I’ve Never Seen
But Not Anymore (Ja Ja)
Die In My Arms
Artistic Man, Shaved Hand
Breaking Is Fun

Produced by Marching Band
Artwork by Samuel Oscarsson.


Pop Cycle (May 2010)

Another Day
Something Stops
It Will Never Slip
Uncomfortably Numb
It Is Hidden
It’s Not Your Dream (But His)
When I’m In A Change
Never Underestimate
Pink Elephant

Listen to it on Myspace and Spotify. You can also buy Pop Cycle at iTunes or Emusic.

Produced by Jari Haapalainen
Artwork by Simon CV Bohm, Photo by David Brohede.


Pop Cycle Naked (November 2010)

It Will Never Slip (acoustic)
It Is Hidden (acoustic)
Uncomfortably Numb (acoustic)
When I’m In A Change (acoustic)
Pink Elephant (acoustic)

Listen to it on Spotify. This EP is only available online at iTunes and Emusic.

This EP was recorded by ourselves in the summer of 2010. It consist of five acoustic versions of songs from Pop Cycle. We had a lot of fun recording those songs by ourselves, and we hope that you can hear that as you listen to the EP…

Artwork by Simon CV Bohm, Photo by David Brohede.


Spark Large (August 2008)

For Your Love
Gorgeous Behavior
Feel Good About It
Make No Plans
Make Up Artist
Travel In Time
Special Treatment
I Could Never

Spark Large – B-sides:
Dont Go
Home Alone IV
Dont Give Ideas

Listen to it on Myspace and Spotify. You can also order Spark Large on or amazon.comOr buy it on Itunes (it includes the B-sides).

Produced by Adam Lasus
Artwork by Mia Makila.


EP3 (Selftitled, March 2006)

Home Alone VI
Feel Good About It
Smirk (Ice Cream)
Potentially Awkward
En Liten Gul Katt
Two Kinds of Fun
Mice, Cats, Dogs & I
Boys on Bikes (Dead Line)

This record was our third album. It was recorded during som hectic months at the beginning of 2006. It consists of 9 varied pop songs and one instrumental electroncial song. One journalist wrote that it’s an eccentric, charmy and captivating recording. And that is, in many ways, just what we were trying to create. Jacob got a bad stomache because of this, but it ended up being our best record so far. Comes in a home made Digi-Pack.

Artwork by Samuel Oscarsson.

EP2 “Travel in Time” (August 2005)

Travel in Time
Now More, Now Less
Within Arms Length
A Simple Plan
Naive Anthem
Love Will Come
Southern Hemisphere

This was our second recording. It has the hit single “Travel in Time” on it, and was a shift towards more pop related songs with a little bit more arrangements and more instruments than the first EP. Came in a nice paper cover.

Artwork by Samuel Oscarsson.


EP1 (Selftitled, December 2004)

Listen to the songs by clicking on them below.

In a Little While
Marching Band
When Music Was Shy
One Thing
Wash it Away
Broken Pen

This was our first recording. Lots of experiments but some really nice tunes at the beginning. The song “Marching Band” is the origin of our present band name. “Music” might be re-recorded some time, it works really well on acoustic sets.

Artwork by Samuel Oscarsson.


The Pet Series Vol. 5 (June 2006)

We’ve recorded an exclusive track for this compilation.

It’s called Vote.

A must have for all true MB fans!

Visit to buy the song.

Other artists included on this album is Andersson, The City Beautiful etc.