New Record and Japan Tour

2013 was a silent year for us. But 2014 is going to be the opposite! On Jan 21 we will release our new album So Much Imagine world wide!

You can preorder the VINYL now! It’s a double vinyl, gatefold, with stunning artwork by Samuel Oscarsson (the gatefold image itself is worth buying the vinyl for). Visit the store to order (only 15€ + shipping 5€).

And on Jan 8 we play in Japan for the first time! Our friend Minoru, who runs &records, is bringing us over for a week of gigs and culture shocks. We’re so excited that we don’t know what to say. Follow us on facebook to get the latest updates from the tour. (

And on Jan 3 you can hear us play in Linköping, where it all began, and catch an early copy of the vinyl. (

Thank you for listening!

/Jacob and Erik