So Much Imagine – Videos and some interesting press

Hello again, it’s easy to forget about the traditional website format when there are so many online places to be nowadays. But it sure is time for a little update on this site for anyone who may stumble in here!

Since last time we have published 2(!) videos. One for Have Patience and the one for Die In My Arms. Both are embedded below. We made them ourselves, and they are two little stories about concentrated men.

We are also happy about some of the press we’ve received. In Swedish press, Jacobs home town newspaper of Malmö, Sydsvenskan (Sweden’s third biggest), compared us to the Beatles and defended our choice to include 21 songs on the album, that made us happy. Our old home town newspaper, Corren, continued its distancing to us by giving the record 2/5 (they gave our first demo 5/5, Spark Large 4/5, Pop Cycle 3/5), or maybe its just a reaction to us moving further away from them, who knows…


Have Patience


Die In My Arms