New things in the works

Hi friend! Due to babies and pandemics our next album has been delayed. However, we are getting close! Keep an eye out… /Jacob and Erik

So Much Imagine – Videos and some interesting press

Hello again, it’s easy to forget about the traditional website format when there are so many online places to be nowadays. But it sure is time for a little update on this site for anyone who may stumble in here!

Since last time we have published 2(!) videos. One for Have Patience and the one for Die In My Arms. Both are embedded below. We made them ourselves, and they are two little stories about concentrated men.

We are also happy about some of the press we’ve received. In Swedish press, Jacobs home town newspaper of Malmö, Sydsvenskan (Sweden’s third biggest), compared us to the Beatles and defended our choice to include 21 songs on the album, that made us happy. Our old home town newspaper, Corren, continued its distancing to us by giving the record 2/5 (they gave our first demo 5/5, Spark Large 4/5, Pop Cycle 3/5), or maybe its just a reaction to us moving further away from them, who knows…


Have Patience


Die In My Arms

New Record and Japan Tour

2013 was a silent year for us. But 2014 is going to be the opposite! On Jan 21 we will release our new album So Much Imagine world wide!

You can preorder the VINYL now! It’s a double vinyl, gatefold, with stunning artwork by Samuel Oscarsson (the gatefold image itself is worth buying the vinyl for). Visit the store to order (only 15€ + shipping 5€).

And on Jan 8 we play in Japan for the first time! Our friend Minoru, who runs &records, is bringing us over for a week of gigs and culture shocks. We’re so excited that we don’t know what to say. Follow us on facebook to get the latest updates from the tour. (

And on Jan 3 you can hear us play in Linköping, where it all began, and catch an early copy of the vinyl. (

Thank you for listening!

/Jacob and Erik

New video! And I’ve Never Seen gets a video with the Harlem Hot Shots

The official video is here of “And I’ve Never Seen”, from Marching Band’s new release And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That EP. Featuring the Harlem Hot Shots. These guys can dance!

Filmed by Jacob Lind and Anna Johannesson.
Edited by Jacob Lind and Marcus Rosén.
Color and post production by Marcus Rosén.


Hi everyone! We’re proud to release our new EP on Jan 15! Here is the press release of the EP. More info soon! /Jacob and Erik.


Marching Band is an indie-pop band based in Gothenburg, Sweden and Berlin, Germany, formed by Jacob Lind and Erik Sunbring. Their new EP, And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That, due January 15th, is a selection of songs from their upcoming full length album to be released later in 2013. The songs were written and recorded during a two year period when Jacob and Erik were moving away from Linköping, their student city and home for the last seven years. Moving closer to their respective girlfriends and further away from each other made them work even harder to perfect the ultimate follow up to their albums Spark Large and Pop Cycle.

These are all the posts from our old website. Just so that we never forget…

May 29: Euro tour 2012.
Finally! Some new dates in Holland, Belgium and Germany!

12-06-07 Dordecht, Dolhuis, NL. (
12-06-08 Alphen aan den Rijn, Het Kasteel, NL. (
12-06-11 Gent, Cafe Video, BE. (
12-06-12 Oberhausen, Druckluft, DE. (
12-06-13 Berlin, Kaffee Burger, DE. (
12-06-15 Düsseldorf, Pretty Vacant, DE. (

Nov 24: Inactivity.
We haven’t been that active updating this site for a while when recording. We’re more active on our Facebook page.